The Design of Open Engineering Systems Lab

University at Buffalo - The State University of New York

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Lab Alumni

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

Philip Cormier (Aug '14): Currently an Teaching Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo - SUNY. Phil was a Presidential Fellow.
Dissertation: An Affordance-based Approach to Evaluating Consumer Variation

Erich Devendorf (Feb '11): Currently a Research Scientist at Air Force Rome Laboratories. Erich was a Moog Fellow.
Dissertation: The Impact of Solution Process Architecture on the Dynamics of Distributed Design Processes

Scott Ferguson (Aug '08): Currently an Associate Professor at North Carolina State University. Scott was UB a Presidential Fellow.
Dissertation: Design of Autonomous Reconfigurable Systems for use in Extreme Operating Environments

Edward Kasprzak (Dec '06): Currently a Research Associate at Milliken Research Associates. Edward was a U.S. Dept. of Transportation Fellow and SAE Fellow.
Dissertation: Extension of the Non-dimensional Tire Theory to General Operating Conditions

Ashwin Gurnani (Dec '06): Currently a Research Associate at Capital One. Ashwin was a Morihara and Mcswain Fellow.
Dissertation: Engineering Design at the Edge of Rationality

John Eddy (Dec '05): Currently a Research Scientist at Sandia National Laboratories
Dissertation: Solving Distributed, Non-Cooperative Design Problems using Multi-Agent Systems

Tung-King See (Nov '05): Currently a Systems Engineer at Cummins Inc.
Dissertation: Preference Modeling and Conflict Modeling in Multi-attribute Group Decision Making

Vincent Chanron (Aug '05): Currently a Director at Daher, a French industrial conglomerate in the aerospace, defense, nuclear and automotive industrial sectors. Vincent was a JSPS Fellow.
Dissertation: On Decentralized Design: Rationale, Dynamics and Effects on Decision-Making”

Andrew Olewnik (Jun '05): Currently Director of Experiential Learning for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University at Buffalo - SUNY. Andrew was a UB Presidential Fellow.
Dissertation: Validating Design-Decision Support Models

Kurt Hacker (Nov '01): Currently a Research Associate at the Air Force Research Laboratory. Kurt received NASA Graduate Research Fellowship.
Dissertation: Efficient Robust Systems Design through the use of Hybrid Optimization and Distributed Computing

Master of Science (M.S. Thesis)

Laura Ziegler (May '15): "Many-Attribute Decision Making Using Iterative Attribute Subset" (Schomburg Fellow & NSF RA)
Dan Stratton (May '14): "A Multi-Level Approach to Concept Selection in Sustainable Design"
David Van Horn (May '13): "Design Analytics - Capturing, Understanding, and Meeting Customer Needs Using Product Usage Data"
Brain Literman (May '13): "Concept Analysis for Reconfigurable Systems"
Vishwa Kalyanasundaram (Nov '10): "Function Based Heuristics to Develop Reconfigurable and Multifunctional Products"
Saket Kansara (Nov '10): "Exploring the Significance of Design Variable Choice on Solution Quality, Convergence and Robustness"
Philip Cormier (Jul '08): "An Approach to Quantifying Flexibility for Mass Customization"
Aziz Michel Naim (Jun '08): "Multiattribute Decision Making under Uncertainty Using Preference Ranges - A Filtering Algorithm"
Ali Kamyab (Jun '08): "A Methodology for Collaborative Design Customization" (NYSCEDII RA)
Erich Devendorf (Nov '07): “Planning On Mistakes: An Approach to Incorporate Error Proofing Into the Design Process” (Moog Fellow)
Matt Devendorf (Jun '07): "Implementing Cyberinfrastructure in the Classroom and the Investigation of Its Effectiveness through Similarity Metrics”
Bryan Dolan (Jun '07): "Robust Product Family Selection Using the Hypothetical Equivalents and Inequivalents Method”
Rohit Thali (Jun '05): "A Study of Uncertainty and Optimality in Distributed Product Design”
Michael Kulok (Aug '04): "A Study of Consistency in Multiattribute Decision Making” (Visiting Scholar, Darmstadt, Germany)
Lincoln Chua (Jul '04): "A Study on the Effects of Decentralization on the Optimization of a Joule-Thomson Cryocooler”
Scott Ferguson (Jun '04): "An Approach to the Design of Flexible Systems Using Linear State Feedback Control” (General Motors RA, Presidential Fellow)
Mitul Patel (Dec '03): "System Design Through Coupled Subsystem Selection”
Ashwin Gurnani (Aug '03): "An Approach to Multiattribute Selection Problems Under Uncertainty: The Overlap Measure Method” (General Motors RA, Morihara and Mcswain Fellow)
Adeline de Villardi (Nov '02): "A Set-Based Approach to Facilitate Distributed Design” (Visiting Scholar, ENSICA, France)
Vincent Charon (Nov '02): "A Study of Convergence in Decentralized Design” (Visiting Scholar, ENSICA, France)
TK See (Nov '02): "A Multiattribute Decision Making in Engineering Design Using Hypothetical Equivalents and Inequivalents” (NSF RA)
Andrew Olewnik (May '02): "A Comprehensive Decision Support Framework for Flexible System Design” (NSF RA, Presidential Fellow)
Chris O'Hare (Aug '01): “An Investigation of Communication Between Designers in a Non-Cooperative Environment”
Trevor Brauen (May '01): “An Approach to Designing Flexible Engineering Systems”
Tom Halecki (May '01): “The Application of Simulation and Robust Design To Facilitate the Design of Complex Engineering Systems” (NASA Graduate Research Fellow)
John Eddy (Dec '00): “The Use of Genetic Programming and Visualization to Facilitate Multiobjective Design Optimization” (NSF RA)
Anoop Nair (Dec '99): “An Efficient Design Strategy for Solving MDO Problems in Non-Cooperative Environments” (Praxair RA)
Alison Callaghan (Dec '99): “A Two-Phase Aspiration-Level and Utility Theory Approach to Large Scale Design” (UB Multidisciplinary Pilot Project Program RA)
Amit Srivastava (Aug '99): “Application of Surrogate Approximation Models to Large-Scale Complex Systems” (NSF Research Assistant and Departmental Teaching Assistant)
Monu Kalsi (Jun '99): “A Comprehensive Robust Design Approach for the Design of Coupled Systems” (NSF Research Assistant)
Vasu Ramaswamy (Dec '98): “Configuration Design of Complex Systems Using Coupled Selection” (NSF/Allison Engine Company RA)
Magnus Johannson (Dec '98): “An Evaluation of the Critical Factors in Design” (Swedish Government RA)
Edward Kasprazak (Dec '98): “Multivariate Optimization and Game Theory Applications in Vehicle Dynamics Simulations” (UB Presidential Fellowship, Milliken Fellow)
Kurt Hacker (Apr '98): “The Application of Robust Design Techniques to Strategic Decision Making in Design” (NASA Graduate Research Fellowship)

Master of Science (M.S. Project)

Kent Carolus (Feb '14): "Pressure Control Valve Re-Design for Commercial Aircraft Braking Systems”
David Ort (May '12): "Design Optimization of Piezoelectric Accelerometers"
Jonathan Schmiedel (May '12): "Implementing a Lean Design Approach for a Competitive Edge"
Laxmikant Vyavahre (Aug '11): "Development of a Terrain-based, Multi-participant Real-time Driving Simulation Environment”
Ankur Bhargava (Aug '11): "Design and Implementation of Motion Based Flight Simulation for Experiential Learning”
Viral Raghuwanshi (Aug '11): "Artificial Intelligent Traffic Simulator”
Tom McGreevy (Aug '06): "Heat Exchanger Design Optimization”
Dan Tobey (Dec '04): "Multiattribute Decision Making in Heat Exchanger Design”
Jon Bechtel (Sep '04): "Software Tool for the Design and Optimization of Multi-layered High Pressure Vessels”
Yik Kan Leung (Feb '02): "Direct Electronic Production Ordering”
Shaokang Wang (May '01): "Integration of Negotiation Theory and Set-Based Design to Support Tradeoffs In Design”
Rich Kurdziel (May '01): "An Evaluation of The Effective Use of Product Family Design in Moog Inc. Dual Tandem Actuators”
Alex Owusu (May '99): "A Comparison of Noncooperative and Sequential Design Problems”
Kerwin Wang (Dec '98): "The Development of Real Coding Genetic Algorithms and Their Application"