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Exploring Automatically Generated Design Concepts Using Cyberinfrastructure

Research Area: Research Publication Year: 2010
Type of Publication: Technical Report
Authors: Naim, Aziz; English, Kenneth; Lewis, Kemper
Our society has witnessed major growth and innovation in technology. However, one of innovation’s fundamental aspects, designer creativity, is still largely unsupported by information technology (IT) tools. This paper establishes a bridge between efforts to use cyberinfrastructure to generate design alternatives and a designer’s ability to explore and evaluate concepts.. The research presented provides a method of synthesizing a web-based representation of a product concept using information from a digital design repository, an automatic concept generator, and results from a clustering analysis. A visualization interface is developed to provide designers with multiple representations of product concepts. The development of this approach establishes a computing infrastructure to support an investigation into the effect of information technology on designer creativity and provides a foundation for the development of further support technology. The architecture is implemented and the result is illustrated with an example in order to show the capabilities of the approach.
Computers and Information in Engineering Conference