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A Decision Support Framework for Flexible System Design

Research Area: Research Publication Year: 2006
Type of Publication: Technical Report Keywords: Flexible Systems, Decision-based Design, Multi-objective Optimization, Design Configuration, Design Methodology
Authors: Olewnik, Andrew; Lewis, Kemper
In this paper a decision support framework is presented for the design of flexible engineering systems. The framework draws on concepts from multi-objective optimization, consumer choice theory, and utility theory. The framework supports the necessary decisions in the design of flexible engineering systems or systems that can change their functionality and embodiment to satisfy multiple performance requirements. The goal of the framework is to determine a design configuration that maximizes corporate utility while setting attribute and budget constraints for the conceptual design phase. The details of the framework are covered and then applied to a simple case study
Journal of Engineering Design,No.1,(pp. 75-97},Vol. 17,2006