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Towards a Formalization of Affordance Modeling in the Early Stages of Design

Research Area: Research Publication Year: 2013
Type of Publication: Proceedings
Authors: Cormier, Philip; Olewnik, Andrew; Lewis, Kemper
Series: DETC2013-13170
Publisher: ASME IDETC, Portland, OR
When developing an artifact, designers must first capture and represent consumer needs. These needs can then be transformed into system requirements or objectives. This paper proposes a formalized affordance-based method for capturing consumer needs which leverages previous work in the area of Affordance-based design. The creation of an affordance basis and a relational structure (the Desired Affordance Model) facilitates the use of affordances to represent consumer needs. This formalization has the potential to improve model quality and consistency, while managing model creation time. Further, this formalization imposes a level of abstraction which forces solution independence but is capable of capturing the large range of consumer needs.