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Intuitive Design Selection Using Visualized n-Dimensional

Research Area: Research Publication Year: 2005
Type of Publication: Technical Report Keywords: Intuitive Design Selection Using Visualized n Dimensional
Authors: Agrawal, Gautam; Bloebaum, Christina; Lewis, Kemper
A visualization methodology is presented in which a Pareto Frontier can be visualized in an intuitive and straightforward manner for an n-dimensional performance space. An approach for preference incorporation is presented that enables a designer to quickly identify ‘good’ points and regions of the performance spaces for a multi-objective optimization application, regardless of space complexity, numbers of objectives, or numbers of Pareto points. Visualizing Pareto solutions for more than three objectives has long been a significant challenge to the multi-objective optimization community. The Hyper-space Diagonal Counting (HSDC) method described here enables the lossless visualization to be implemented to achieve a hyperspace Pareto frontier. In this paper, we demonstrate the incredible power of using the hyperspace Pareto frontier as a visualization tool for design concept selection in a multiobjective optimization environment
Structural Dynamics & Materials Conference