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Pareto Analysis in Multiobjective Optimization Using the Colinearity Theorem and Scaling Method

Research Area: Research Publication Year: 2001
Type of Publication: Technical Report Keywords: Multi-objective Optimization, Pareto Set, Objective Weighting
Authors: Kasprzak, Edward; Lewis, Kemper
This paper presents a method to predict the relative objective weighting scheme necessary to cause arbitrary members of a Pareto solution set to become optimal. First, a polynomial description of the Pareto set is constructed utilizing simulation and high performance computing. Then, using geometric relationships between the member of the Pareto set in question, the location of the utopia point and the polynomial coefficients, the weighting of the performance metrics which causes a particular member of the Pareto set to become optimal is determined. The use of this technique, termed the Scaling Method, is examined using a sample problem from the field of vehicle dynamics optimization. The Scaling Method is based on the Colinearity Theorem which is also presented in the paper
Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
Full text: SMO-01-EK.pdf