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An Approach to Facilitate Decision Tradeoffs in Pareto Solution Sets

Research Area: Research Publication Year: 2000
Type of Publication: Technical Report
Authors: Kasprzak, Edward; Lewis, Kemper
An approach to constructing Pareto sets and negotiating the decision tradeoffs within the Pareto set is presented. Points in the Pareto sets are generated by sampling the design space, and then a polynomial curve is developed to fit the points in order to approximate the Pareto set. A new method, called the scaling method, is used to automatically determine the appropriate weights for objectives of the problem based upon a selected design from the Pareto set. The Pareto set is then mapped to the design space to help designers make effective tradeoffs and decisions concerning the Pareto solution set. A vehicle dynamics design problem which has been developed with an industrial partner is used to demonstrate the usefulness of the approach
Journal of Engineering Valuation and Cost Analysis
Full text: EDA.Kasprzak.pdf