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Survey of Concurrent Engineering Practices and Their Impact on Firm Performance

Research Area: Research Publication Year: 1999
Type of Publication: Technical Report Keywords: Concurrent engineering, Integrated product design, Survey development, Multidisciplinary teams
Authors: Callaghan, Alison; Lewis, Kemper
As technical complexity of products and processes expand, and the number of specialized branches increase, designers working on one aspect of a design become less informed of the workings of other designers working on the same project. The concept of an interdisciplinary team indicates that the technical requirements are such that one field of knowledge of skills will not suffice to solve it. As a result, there is a necessity for an \\\"interdisciplinary\\\" design program to provide a vehicle of cooperation and communication between designers. This paper details the in-depth development of a survey to assess the impact of concurrent engineering (CE) on selected firms in the Western New York & Ontario regions. The aim of this study is to develop research methods and instruments to assess CE implementationm to develop case study materials for educational purposes and to provide guidance to regional firms
The Third World Congress of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization